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חדרים להשכרה במרכז - חדרים להשכרה בבת ים חדרים להשכרה עם אווירה ביתית ויחס אישי השכרת חדרים שקטים אינטימיים ודיסקרטיים מטבח פרטי מאובזר טלוויזיה רב ערוצית בשלל שפות תפריט מאכלים ומשקאות מגוון ועשיר

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We offer the following Accommodation Services

Our rooms are spacious and stylishly decorated. In our rooms you will find comfortable beds, air conditioning, satellite television, a big refrigerator and a fully stocked kitchen with all of the necessities including an electric tea kettle, stovetop, microwave oven, dishes and utensils. Free access to high-speed internet over WI-FI will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones and find your way around easily. In addition, we provide our guests with free access to our laundry room (for personal use only).

Located close by is a free public beach complete with showers and changing rooms. On the beach’s promenade you’ll find many restaurants and cafes for every taste.

Feeling adventurous? Right next to the hotel’s entrance are the taxi and bus stations. Comfortable air conditioned buses will quickly take you to your desired destination.

Speak Russian? Would rather take an organized tour? Our Russian speaking guide will pick you up and take you back to the Hotel.

Need a tour recommendation? We would gladly help you choose your next adventure.

Looking for a place to shop? Plethora of stores on our entrance level will cater to your every need, from lingerie to electronic devices. Feeling hungry? Delicious bourekas (puff pastries) with potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, spinach and more will wait for you at “Bourekas Yossi”; every morning starting from 7 o’clock. Right next to “Bourekas Yossi” you’ll find fresh fruit, vegetables and many more delicacies which will entice your senses. Fancy some tea or coffee? Both readily available in your room.

Spoil yourself at Rothschild 37 ApartHotel!

Like Home

Like Home

We’re called “HaTzomet” (intersection) by the locals because we are located at the central intersection in Bat Yam.

We sincerely hope that your vision as to how you would like to spend your time, whether it be for a vacation, an adventure, or for healing purposes, intersects with the opportunities presented by our hotel.

On our business cards – it says “Like home.” This is our mission.
What does it mean “like home?”
It means: comfortable, everything within an arm’s reach, welcoming, safe.

One of our visitors commented:

This hotel is for those who want to feel themselves at home.

These words define us. This is our mission - to give our guests a cozy atmosphere, where one can share whatever may be bothering him/her and get a cup of any hot beverage, just like home.



The intersection of Rothschild and HaAtsmaut streets in the city of Bat Yam.

Right at the center of the intersection is a monument always surrounded by flowers, the “Matzeva” - this monument serves as our landmark.

From talks on the streets:

Where is this?
- Near the “Matzeva”

Sounds the same in all languages.
That’s how the locals explain where the major banks, stores, cafés, and bus stations are located. After all this is the center of the city.

How do you get to the sea?
- Do you know where the “Matzeva” is? From there walk straight ahead 600 meters. There you will find an excellent beach.

How do you get to Tel Aviv?
- Take bus # 40, 25, 125, 1, 18, 42 or 240. After traveling for 10 minutes you are in old Jaffa. A little longer and you are in Tel Aviv.

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